Koi' Kunscht

The first website I made with my drawings and paintings.


In 2003, in one week, that my daughter had rubella and I couldn't go to work. She slept all the time and I made this website with my drawings and paintings so far.

What was it all about

It was a pity putting all these drawings upstairs and not showing the drawings I had done at school and in university. I had already learned to put a website online. And I had the time at home to work at it. So I did it.

What was my part

Everything from digitalizing images, image editing, HTML, CSS. Web design and also the production of all the content, all the drawings, and paintings.


Image digitalizationWeb DesignArt paintigs and drawingsLayout

Paper, pencil and drafting toolsPainting toolsHTMLCSS

What I learned

If you concentrate you can achieve something in a short time. When you have a set of time for a task, then getting it in time is part of the task.

What I liked the most

The horizontal galleries. I just thought, has anyone already come to this idea? And having a site in which I could show my drawing and painting works.