UX and Beyond.
Personal, versatile, dedicated.

My name is Marta del Pozo Lagneaux.
I have been working in digital user-centered design for over 20 years.

Foto of Marta del Pozo

Since 2001 I have worked on improving the user experience in a wide range of designed products and situations.

Having fulfilled many roles within the User Experience, like Architecture Information, Interaction Design, Prototyping and Usability Evaluation, my following step is making all stakeholders feel part of the process, not just the users. I am an all-rounder generalist with enough empathy to consider all points of view.

I design conversations and facilitate workshops based on Design Thinking, bringing stakeholders closer together, avoiding long unproductive meetings, and achieving their intended aims. This improves the engagement and motivation and therefore the efficiency and productivity of any project.

Here are a few of my ingredients for facilitating positive, enjoyable, and effective interactions and outcomes:

Design Thinking

Process, Team, Space, and Mindset for an iterative way of determining the problems and their solutions.

Collaborative Workshops

Creating situations for people to collaborate easily and engage in productive meetings.

User Experience

Designing and working with the users in mind. Considering all stakeholders as users of your processes.

Behavioural Science

Understanding the very basic reasons why people engage and make decisions.

Social Involvement

Engaging in parent advisory councils and other associations, leading groups for collaboration with a goal.

Visual Thinking

Organizing ideas visually, discovering connections and possibilities, and not focusing on the most obvious.

Various projects in several creative areas

Here are nine very different projects, chosen over many bigger or smaller projects, laboral, social, personal. That shows you a bit of my evolution. I tell you what the project was all about, how long it took to finish it, what was my part, what I learned, and what I liked most about those projects.