ELO Administration Console

The ELO Administration Console is a tool in which most of the system options can be set for the repositories in ELO.


About 5 or 6 years, from the beginning of the implementation of Version 9 until Version 20.

What was it all about

A new Administration Console with all the options of our ELO ECM Suite had to be made. There you could manage users, permissions, keywording and metadata forms, icons, and many other options.

What was my part

I worked closely with the developer. I did the layout and information architecture, icons, concept and usability consulting, UX writing, expert reviews and support within the company, interface design of new features and their prototypes. I planned the usability tests, which we did together as a team.


Information ArchitecturePrototypingIcon DesignUX MethodsInterface Design

GUI Design StudioAdobe XDAdobe Illustrator

What I learned

Besides a deep understanding of all the options which can be set for an ELO Installation, I also learned what are the limitations of UX trying to get through in a tech-driven development and that being a team player means, embracing any type of team.

What I liked the most

Getting to know many details of our software and a good overview of the system. Finding out the historical reasons why is something made in a certain way. Understanding exactly what the feature does to translate the information for the user.