100 Jahre Schlößlestraße

Wanting to celebrate the 100 years of the street, the neighborhood organized a party and exhibition. Curating and putting the exhibition in form.


In about three months before the anniversary party of the street. The street became 100 years old in 2011.

What was it all about

Some neighbors wanted to make a party as the street in which we lived turned 100. I offered to layout an exhibition, in case that someone else decided to get all the material. Finally, I did most of the job, searching for material and stories and organizing the items in the exhibition.

What was my part

Nobody was found to make the research and talk with the neighbors, so I did it all coordinating the help of another two persons. I digitalized images, put the story together using all the material we could get. I made interviews with the neighbors and heard a lot of stories, writing them down afterward. I organized the content, made the layout and the exhibition design. Curating all the material and organizing the content, laying out the posters for the shop windows. With all the material, I made a booklet one year after the celebration.


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What I learned

How to manage and encourage the involvement of the neighbors. How to make a project leaving everyone feeling that they are also a part of it and its success. If you ask anybody to volunteer and contribute with pictures, it is not a good idea to discard anything. Using everything shows the appreciation for the input.

What I liked the most

Interviewing the neighbors. I always love to listen to the life stories of people, when they feel secure to tell. Learning about the history of the place where I live.