Artist House El Patio

Design of an Art and Culture House in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with seminar rooms, studios, theater, open-air stage, and exhibition atrium.


This was a project in the winter semester 1997-1998. It took about five months.

What was it all about

At architecture school in Stuttgart I did a project in which I could choose the subject of the project and also the teacher and examiner. I selected this site in front of my parents' house that had been empty for years and designed the building and meeting point there that I would have liked to have existed.

What was my part

I set the statement of the task, projected the building with architectural models and prototypes throughout the design process, drafted the plans for the presentation, and years later, in multimedia school, I made a 3D construction of the building for the final project.


Accesibility in the ArchitectureDistribution of uses and spacesIterative design processDesign of social and cultural spacesLayoutIllustrationInfographicsPreparation for Print

Paper, pencil and drafting toolsMaterials for modelingCinema 4DMacromedia Director

What I learned

Taking initiative and personal responsibility for all the tasks concerning the setting and solving the problem, organizing complex spaces in an accessible building, 3D construction, and rendering with Cinema 4D.

What I liked the most

Being able to explore how architecture could promote meetings and cultural exchange of the users. The iterative projecting at the model with hands-on and materials.