ELO Permissions

Access permissions within ELO-files were established without a real structure until they eventually became incomprehensible. Access permissions had to be analyzed, simplified, implemented, and documented.


Between 2013 - 2018.

What was it all about

The permission system, which had grown over the years, needed a refresh. This required precise documentation of the current status in order to then develop a simplified concept.

What was my part

I had a driving role in simplifying the concept. I tested our software, investigated and documented any issues and discrepancies. I then organized meetings so that well informed decisions could be made, and managed the required to-dos for the developers to implement the changes. I documented the new concept and held a very well attended webinar about the ELO Permissions. This showed how relevant the topic was.


TestingDocumentationTrainingTo Do ManagementProduct Owner role

Microsoft OfficeELO Java ClientELO Windows ClientELO Administration ConsoleELO IndexserverELO Modules

What I learned

Many things, grow organically, even software. Observing this process, understanding the intrinsic behavior in our software, and the logic of developers. Asking anybody difficult questions and to please check the code for me, to find out how a certain behavior was implemented.

What I liked the most

Having an overview in a time in which nobody else had. I could help make the software easier to use and build a frame for easier future decisions.