The Autumn of Transrealism

Selfbiographical novel from the wild years back then, when I played rugby, smoked a lot of joints and traveled to South Africa as if I was never to come back.


It began in 1995 and it was a project in many phases. It was handwritten, corrected, typed, layout corrected a couple of times more, and printed in a first private edition. Now I am translating the story into german.

What was it all about

The autumn was being very hot, so I started to write it down. When it came to transrealism, the whole story had something of a revelation. Suddenly I understood and I had to find expression for it.

What was my part

I wrote the story, put it in a book layout, and sent it to print.


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What I learned

The writing process and how to set a book in the form to be printed. I found a way to express all that story.

What I liked the most

It was for me very rewarding being able to get this personal project so far as to hold it in my hands. I am grateful for the story to all the people who were part of it.